Community Strategy v1

Update: Community strategy:

  • for tier 1 and 2: We have been experimenting some mechanism behind the scene, TG bot, NFT, wallet connection and etc, in the end because of security and also effort in implementation, we decided to now go with a semi-manual method for start and will automate it afterwards. We will create separate private groups for tier 1 and 2, please include your TG ID on this page: and and we will include you into the group by end of first week Jan 2022

  • for tier 3: due to the feedback that we receive in terms of the pros and cons of the gleam form, we are going to make some minor change. We will be splitting the tier 3 allocation into 2, 100* slot for gleam, 100* GUARANTEED slot for top 100 oxbull supporters. Top 100 oxbull supporters means those who hold 50 oxb or 200 oxs and will relentlessly promote oxbull in major social platform constantly. We will inform how this will be done in our next update.

Product and development:

  • without giving out too much details or making empty promises, I am being cautious about what I am writing here. however, it also make sense to just give a glimpse into what we are working on. As mention in the last update, we continue to look into digital ownership and new way of interaction. We have been experimenting and identifying different NFT technology (immutable x and flow) and metaverse design and concept, and produced a draft on what we want to look into. Nothing is confirmed for now, no speculation please.

  • additional chains we are looking into Avax, Luna, FTM. Will release information once we are done with our development.


  • We will address this in our roadmap on our upcoming partnership and also internal hiring/expansion plan match to our financial projection, and how we overall want to conduct our communication.

We continue to work hard during the holiday season. We will provide detail roadmap hopefully by mid of Jan 2022. Stay Happy and healthy.

Regards, Ushi

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